Test Feedback

Jane arrived punctually for her test.

She passed her eyesight test, wearing glasses throughout the drive. Her car was a BMW X3 Xdrive automatic 3.0 diesel. The route lasted 70 minutes (0900-1010) over 48.6 miles, including narrow rural, urban, open road and dual carriageway (no motorway due to distance from test location). Speed limits from 30-70mph. The weather was predominantly dry with momentary fine drizzle, road surfaces dry and conducive to good steering and braking.

The car was driven in full auto throughout which is Jane’s preferred setting and mirrors her previous observed sessions. Prior to starting Jane conducted thorough POWDER and personal checks, with a comprehensive cockpit drill and moving brake test.

Jane took used and gave information in a timely non ambiguous manner. Missing only one speed repeater on entering Uttoxeter resulting in travelling at 35-40 mph in a section of national limit for about 500yards.
From her spoken thought I was very impressed at her view far down the road and strong 360 degree safety awareness. Clearly displaying a good comprehension and application of visual links. This made her planning timely and well thought out. Obvious clear comprehension and application of IPSGA system driving.

There were no issues with positioning at any hazard we encountered. Positioning appropriately for visibility stability and view on all occasions. She demonstrated strong safety positioning by not overtaking a slower vehicle which was following a group of cyclists as we exited Uttoxeter. It would have been easy to get pressured into attempting an untidy overtake for little gain. Positioning for both near and offside bends was considered and appropriate.

Jane could have been marginally more robust and business like getting up to speed. This said she always exploited an appropriate pace for the circumstance. Perhaps a little earlier at getting up to speed would develop more overtaking opportunities and progress for her. Certainly not slow.

The gear box was set to full auto, Jane’s car is a 3.0 diesel and as such highly intelligent; resulting in effortless smooth changes. I would encourage Jane to experiment with the tiptronic side of the gearbox to fully enjoy the potential from the car.

Always very smooth, possibly apply more noticeable acceleration a fraction earlier to maximise progress where appropriate.

Jane delivered a very polished and accomplished drive today. Always safe and courteous to other road users. Jane was receptive to feedback given.

My observations are very minor:-
Her hands dropped fractionally low on the steering wheel, keep little fingers on the upper of the centre of the steering wheel brace when possible, this will keep pull push steering more comfortable and fluid.

Jane’s pace could have been fractionally quicker to exploit a little more progress.

Occasional ‘comfort braking’ was evident. Work on getting the braking done on the straights and setting the speed for the corner prior to steering through the corner. This improved over the drive.

Finally on approach to roundabouts I would like her to trust her observations more. On a couple of instances she looked, slowed, looked again and continued to slow. Had she trusted her initial (well timed) observations she could plan to ‘go’ earlier when safe to do so. Great to be safe but don’t squander the obvious chances to go.

These observations cumulatively are still only minor and as such I have no hesitation awarding Jane a F1rst rate pass based on her drive today.
Well done and continued success with your future exploits. A very accomplished drive today.