Driving Safely For Longer

Derby Advanced Motorists offer some tips and advice on driving safely for longer, and recommendations on where to find further support if needed.

Top tips for older drivers

– staying safe behind the wheel

Experts from the Older Drivers Forum highlight four simple things you can do to carry on driving safely for longer:

1. Make sure you have regular eyesight tests with an optician
See here for the Older Drivers Forum’s recommendations on eyesight.

2. Ensure you seek medical advice about any medicines you are taking which may affect your driving
The Department for Transport has issued guidelines on driving while taking prescribed medicines here.

3. There are certain medical conditions which by law you must inform the DVLA about
For a full list of conditions including glaucoma, strokes, heart conditions and diabetes about which you are obliged to notify the DVLA click here.

4. Undertake a voluntary appraisal of your driving to brush up on your skills and carry on driving safely for longer
When was the last time someone appraised your driving? It’s fun and can really build your confidence, give it a go! Find out details of available reviews and assessments here.

Drivers in the East Midlands can also take advantage of Free Taster Sessions.

The Older Drivers Forum is a very informative website and can be found at:


As the UK population ages, more drivers are now aged over 75 than ever before and the number of pensioners behind the wheel is predicted to increase. In spite of some of the headlines, older drivers are statistically some of the safest behind the wheel, and access to a car is critical for many of them for their independence and wellbeing. Visit the IAM RoadSmart’s older drivers web page with any friends and family who may find this information of value.


As part of its older driver campaign and in light of government figures that predict a four-fold increase in the number of drivers over 75 in the next 25 years, IAM RoadSmart is calling for an urgent debate on the best way to keep drivers safely behind the wheel into old age.

Click here to read the full press release.